As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
- Bill Gates
The right mix of strategy and sensibility.

Ever wonder what happened to the days when money managers would stick with the fundamentals, even if it meant straying from the crowd? While Wall Street often pushes what sells today, we follow a path that makes sense for you.

The philosophy behind our investment strategy is simple: we buy shares of good companies at reasonable prices relative to their long-term growth prospects. Equity portfolios consist primarily of individual stocks, complimented by mutual funds or exchange traded funds. When appropriate, we incorporate fixed income investments (bonds or bond funds) that provide you with current income. Additionally, they cushion your portfolio during the inevitable periods of weakness in the stock market. We do not sell investment products or receive income from commissions — so our investment decisions are never biased by conflicts of interest.

But the Foothills attention to detail goes beyond the investment process. Our dedicated staff strives to ensure your experience is always a positive one, from making it easy to access your account to simply lending an ear if you need to chat. At Foothills, we treat you like a member of our own family—and we invest your money the same way.

Sound advice...your best investment. ™